The University of Gezira (UG) was established in 1975 to serve the rural area around it. It has d


Sustainable water resources management and development for food security, people's livelihoods and the environment

Utilization of water for rural development, increasing production and productivity per unit water, decline the deterioration of the environment and the protection of water resources from pollution.

General goals

Conduct scientific research

Private goals

1- Tackle practical problems and adopt problem solving oriented research using farmers fields as live laboratories.

2- Intensive field training and training towards postgraduate degrees.

3- Multi-disciplinary approach where the cooperating staff is unlimited as the water management is not a field of single specialization.

4- Co-operation with national and international institutions working in the field of water management.

5- Efficient management of scarce resources.

PHD Students 5

Master Students 70

High Diploma Students 30

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